September 10, 2009

Bat Those Eyes

These are my favorite fake eyelashes.

And they are only 100yen at the 100yen shop! There are many different types of fake eyelashes, it takes a while to figure out which you like. But I've been using this 'Cross C' type for a while now and I think it works the best.

We have three 100yen shops along the Prope Dori. And they all have fake eyelashes. I only use them when I'm on stage because it's required, but from the wide variety, I'd say some people use them regularly. I wish someone would give me a hint on how to put these eyelashes on in one try.


Simone said...

there are a lot of eyelids blinking!!

Babzy said...

wow they are so big !!!I'd like to see in action ;)

Hilda said...

I've never even tried them! They look so difficult to put on and remove.

I love your 100yen shops! I went crazy there when I visited my sister in Tokyo back in 2006. It's where I found my favorite folding bag, which I only retired a couple of months ago.

Mo said...

What do you do on stage? Can we see you all dressed up with your lasehes?

Kaori said...

Simone) I know, they look really scary lined up that way!

Babzy) They're kind of heavy too ;P

Hilda) I hear that the 100yen Shops are part of tours now because they're so popular! If you have something you want, let me know :)

Mo) I do hula! The amount of paint we slap onto our faces before a show is ridiculous :D

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