October 28, 2009

Paper Plane

This is a monument that stands in front of the Koku Koen Station. It was set up there in 1987 when the station first opened.

Koku Koen Station was named one of the 'Top 100 Stations in the Kanto Area' in 1998 by the current Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism because of its unique station design. The station building uses the image of the Henri Farman biplane, as it is the site of the first airfield in Japan.

All around Tokorozawa, and especially around Koku Koen Station, you can see a lot of monuments and designs that have to do with aviation. We're very proud that Tokorozawa is considered the birthplace of aviation in Japan.


Leif Hagen said...

Great sculpture and train station photos! I loved taking the trains in Japan, especially the Shinkansen when I was an English teacher in Gero in 1989.

Vogon Poet said...

Nice monument, I think you are tight to be proud of your place in the history of aviation in Japan. For what I see the station really deserved its award.

gogouci said...

Wonderful sculpture.

Kaori said...

Leif Hagen, thank you! The Shinkansen is pretty exciting to be on, I like it too :)

Vogon Poet, thank you! It's a very interesting station :)

Gogouci, thank you! I didn't notice until a few weeks ago that it was a paper plane :)

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