November 26, 2009

Walk the Line

This is how most children in grade school walk to school. In a straight line.

There is one public school for each district in the city and most of those districts are divided into a number of smaller sections. So in the morning, the children in those sections would gather in front of someones house or at a corner, then walk to school together.

I think this is a good idea because not only is there safety in numbers (not that this area is dangerous), but it's about the only time that children from different grades can be together.

With all the racket these kids were making while walking past, I'd say they were having a good time.


gogouci said...

Doesn't look like the roads have much of a sidewalk/space for pedestrians to walk side by side.

Tall Gary said...
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Tall Gary said...

Kaori, have you ever mentioned anything about randoseru?

Goguoci—How right you are. Space is at a premium in Japan. I was most impressed with buses and how some bus streets are about the width of alleys in the U.S. Not to mention how bus drivers miss things like telephone poles (or in the case above—people) by just a few centimeters sometimes.

Vogon Poet said...

That's seems a very good idea. When I was young we did something like that, just organized by the moms.

Kaori said...

gogouci, Tall Gary's right, a lot of the streets are very narrow and don't have sidewalks. Which is why I think Japanese are exceptional drivers :)

Tall Gary, no posts on them yet! Maybe in the spring when everyone buys a new one :)

Vogon Poet, so it's a universal system! If I were a mom I'd want the kids together too :)

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