December 30, 2009

I Heart LOMO

I've been having a little fun with my Supersampler camera.

The new year is almost here. It's cold lately but nice and sunny. A great day to head outside and take photos.


Tall Gary said...

The middle series made me wonder if that was your favorite tree.

Anyway, my eyes are smiling. Thanks.

Birdman said...

Interesting posts w/ creative camera.

Pilland said...

Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes to You and to Your Visitors! I arrived here just surfing. I hope Your Today will be all the time better than Yesterday and worse than Tomorrow!

An Estonian living in Italy

P.S. Does 東京都 mean "Tokyo-to" (Tokyo Capital) or "Higashi Kyoto" (Eastern Kyoto)? Hehe!

Hilda said...

This definitely made me smile. Glad to see you're having fun with your camera!

Wishing you and your family a peaceful and love-filled 2010.

Kaori said...

Tall Gary, it's not my favorite tree but you're right, they do look alike :)

Birdman, thanks! But all the creativity is mostly the camera itself :)

Pilland, thank you for the comment! 東京都, I'd have to say it's Tokyo-to because I don't think they have an area called Higashi Tokyo ;)

Hilda, thank you! Wishing you a lovely new year as well :D

Tall Gary said...

I thought Pilland’s comment was rather clever but Kaori is correct (in spite of the typo). I searched the three kanji together that way and got this page (in Japanese originally).

Eastern Kyoto would be more like 東の京都 or 京都の東(の方面): higashi no kyȏto or kyȏto no
higashi (no hȏmen)

Anyway we can see Pilland thinking!

White Oleander said...

Great shots! I like this type of display.

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