February 28, 2009

Sayama Tea

Sayama Tea is produced throughout Saitama, so we see alot of tea bushes like these in Tokorozawa too. Tokorozawa has over 200 hectares of tea fields, which is actually more than the tea fields they have in Sayama.

They say that Sayama Tea is one of the top 3 in Japan. The saying goes 'Shizuoka for its color, Uji for its fragrance, and Sayama for its flavor.' But then I hear this is a song someone in Saitama made...so you never know.

Whatever its status, Sayama Tea is still a really popular tea. It has a rich taste and is bright green in color. You can't live in Tokorozawa and not have Sayama Tea. They have it everywhere, tea leaves, bottled tea, tea shops. You'll have to try it and see for yourself.



I love green tea & matcha,gonna bake a matcha rollcake at weekend!

Kaori said...

Ooh sounds good!!!
I'll bring my peanut butter cookies for a slice of your roll cake :D

Hilda said...

I much prefer coffee, but I do drink tea every now and then so I'm willing to give this a try! :)

Welcome to the CDPB community!

Kaori said...

Thanks Hilda :)

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