February 25, 2009

Ume Blossoms

Took a walk to Koku Koen this weekend. It's known for being the 'Birthplace of Japanese Avaiation.' Not a lot of people know this.

It's known even less for being the 'Central Park of Tokorozawa.' It's the park that all the families with kids and dogs go to on the weekends, where couples and teenagers hang out in the fields, and skateboarders and joggers get their workouts.

They also have a museum, library, baseball stadium, concert hall, and other public facilities within the park. It's just a great place to go when the weather is warm.

Right now the ume (Japanese plum) blossoms are in full bloom.



you always have such amazing photos on your blog. love it!

Ivan said...

kewl! I totally didn't know Koku-Koen was the home to Japanese aviation! so that's what the ANA model plan near the station represented... learn something new everyday!

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