August 1, 2009

Taxi Anyone???

Before you know it, it's Theme Day again! Where do the days go??? This month the theme is 'Night.'

This is the West Exit at night. The taxi's are waiting in line for customers because after the last train goes, everyone has to take a taxi. I think it's about 710yen for the first 2km, then 90yen every 300m after that.

Anyways, I just want to know if the taxi door's open and close automatically anywhere else in the world? Or is that just a Japanese thing?

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Gunn White said...

This is just how I remember it.... ;-)
My husband and I went to Tokyo, Hiroshima and Kyoto in 2006.
You blog is nice and brings back memories. Keep up the good work!

Hilda said...

They look so neat all lined up like that!

No automatic door opener for taxis in Manila. When I went to visit my sister in Tokyo several year ago, she had to warn me not to try opening taxi doors or the driver might take offense!

henny said...

Oh, no. It's the theme day again? Totally forgot. I spent an hour tonight taking photos of taxi with people staring at me and a special look from the taxi driver :).
Isn't night in Japan amazing, Kaori? I love all those neon boxes. Happy weekend.

Chuck Pefley said...

Quite a like-up of waiting taxis. I've never had the pleasure of auto-opening-automobile-doors -:) I like this image.

slinger said...

Haha, the taxi drivers must wait their turn. Great idea for theme night.

Slinger - Twin Cities

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