June 17, 2010

Happy and Full

I thought I'd post some photos of the wonderful dishes at yesterday's restaurant, Himalayan Dining.

This is their vegetable curry, which is not very hot at all. But you can ask them to make the curry more or less spicy when you order!

This is the cheese nan. You can eat this by dipping it into the curry or just eat it by itself. I love how munchy this nan is!

I forgot what this is called but my friends said it was really good. I think it's chicken. Spicy chicken!

They also had many local drinks from Nepal and India. Apparently this beer is popular in India. I prefer the Mango Lassi though!

After our unbelievably delicious meal, when we went to pay at the counter, they had a small plate full of sugar coated fennel herb. Have you ever tried this? I really like it. It has this minty taste to it. It can help digestion and also substitute as a breath freshener.

I'm going to be too full to eat anything for a while after this so I'll say Gochiso-sama! (Something we say after we finish eating in Japan, meaning something like "Thank you for the meal")

PS: I'm sorry I haven't been around to comment on everyone's posts lately. I will be stuck in the office for awhile but will definately be dropping by soon! Hope everyone is having a good week :)


Tall Gary said...

Oh man. I wish I was saying, “Itadakimasu.”

But, speaking of ethnic food (from my point of view not yours) I found some Okinawan purple sweet potatoes in a semi-local store. They are SO good. Not only sweet but healthy. That reminds me, gotta boil some now. Yay!

White Oleander said...

I'm so hungry now...

Babzy said...

everything looks so yummy , indian food is my favourite ;)

Kaori said...

Thanks for the comments, you guys!

Tall Gary, I love beni-imo, too! Have you ever tried Tanmu(田芋pronouncedターンム)? It is also a Okinawan potato. That's my favorite :D

White Oleander, I'm hungry again, too :-)

Babzy, I think you can get Indian and Chinese food just about anywhere in the world these days!

Tall Gary said...

Oh, 田芋 is an Okinawan variety of サトイモ。I haven’t tried these but I like gooey stuff... I’ll have to give it a try if I can.

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