June 13, 2010


Anybody a soccer fan?

Soccer is very popular in Japan, especially among younger children who grew up watching the J-League (Japan's Professional Soccer League). From what I hear, our team just barely made it to World Cup 2010 and not very many people are expecting them to make it to the second level. But the news is still all about the World Cup and many fans are rooting for Japan!

And at our local supermarket, I found Zakumi, the world cup 2010 mascot!

"The name ‘Zakumi' is a composition of ‘ZA' standing for South Africa and ‘kumi', which translates into ‘10' in various languages across Africa." (FIFA.com)

Japan's uniform is usually blue because we are an island surrounded by the sea. This towel seems to be really popular. There were only a few left.

Tomorrow is our first game against Cameroon.
Gambare, Nippon! (Good luck, Japan!)


White Oleander said...

I'm rooting for Japan! I'm not a football fan but my husband is, so I have to learn to like it!

Al said...

I'm both English and American so I don't know who to root for!

VP said...

We share the blue color, I am not a great football fan but the World Cup is the World Cup!
A sincere "Gambare, Nippon!" from Italy!

Kaori said...

White Oleander, Is denmark at the World Cup? Well, you're right, if your husband likes it, you're definately going to be seeing a lot of soccer games ;D

Al, I'm curious what you thought about that game! Crossing my fingers something like that and helps Japan, too :D

VP, yay for blue! And you're right, it is THE World Cup ;-D

Hilda said...

Zakumi looks funny. I've never seen a lion with green dreadlocks before. ;)

Good luck, Japan!

Lois said...

I don't know much about soccer, but he sure is cute!

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