October 11, 2010

Sushi Go Round

Sushi is still a favorite among us Japanese. There are two types of sushi restaurants, the one where a plate of sushi is placed on a conveyor belt (Kaiten-zushi 回転寿司) or one where a sushi cook directly serves you the sushi on a wooden board (Sushi-ya 寿司屋).

And although the later is typically more upscale, I love going to the former and choosing what to eat from the various sushi dishes that pass us by. This is at Kappa Zushi, a famous sushi chain restaurant in Japan.

You can see from the photos, mostly all the sushi are made up of fish or other seafood. But there are actually a couple of sushi plates that vegetarians can eat, too. I like eating the cucumber or ume (Japanese pickled plum) wrap and the fried egg sushi. Yummy!

If you can't find the sushi that you want to eat on the belt conveyor...you can also order what you want on a digital display. When you do, the Kappa Express (below) delivers the sushi directly to your table!

When you're ready to go, the staff comes to count how many plates of sushi you ate, calculates it all, and you pay the total amount at the register.

How many plates do you think you'll eat?


Kiki said...

I remember going to this kind of restaurant in Japan when I was a kid. And there's also a few running sushi (that's what they call in Denmark) restaurants. I can't wait to try one.

Evelyn said...

Mmm, I think my husband and I didn't managed to eat much when we went to such a restaurant in Osaka. But I really enjoyed the food, and the atmosphere. It was a really good experience.

ps. We do have restaurants like this in Australia, but the sushi doesn't seem as nice and of course, the atmosphere is not the same.

B SQUARED said...

Very few! I like their system, however. Can't imagine it working here.

arabesque said...

my first kaiten sushi was in h.k. ^0^ forgot the name of the resto,it became unforgettable bec. a friend of mine spoiled the whole thing after dinner, that is after the bill's arrived...really long story.
but the whole thing was a cool experience defintitely. ^-^

Louis la Vache said...

How many plates would «Louis» eat?

«Louis» can't stomach fish. He really can't even be in the same room with fish. ;-(
Mme. la Vache, on the other hand, would LOVE to eat here!

Halcyon said...

If there are only 2 pieces per plate, I imagine I could eat quite a few!

NYC In Photographs said...

Mmm, I love sushi, so I would probably end up with quite a few plates. =p

Babzy said...

How i'd like to try one of these retaurant ... 3 plates seems ok :)

Lois said...

It's fascinating, but I usually can only eat a few bites at a time.

Leovi said...

They want to eat! I've never tried the sushi but it must be great.
A greeting.

Tall Gary said...

Can you eat natto maki? I love ume paste 梅肉: Especially on skewers of tender grilled chicken. For a vegetarian, I bet ume paste would be good on skewers of grilled shiitake mushrooms. Even better might be sushi wraps of slivers of mountain yam 山芋 with ume paste.

At carousel sushi places I average about 11 plates. Somewhere around 18 was my record.

Ordering from a digital display is new to me. Gotta try it!

Anonymous said...

I so love Sushi, especially after midnight with good friends.

Please have a wonderful Tuesday.

daily athens

Al said...

Sorry, but I just haven't been able to get into sushi. I love lots of different kinds of food, and especially spicy foods, but that's one dish that I don't enjoy. But I can find plenty of other things to enjoy at our local Japanese restaurants!

Francisca said...

Kaori, don't tell me you ate that stack by yourself! :-D We did these sushi bars a number of times while in Kansai, but I don't think I ever got through more than 5 or 6 plates. YUMMY.

Sushi Naples said...

Normally tip 15 to 20 percent when dining out at the standard fare restaurants, but on occassion, I love to eat at a fine dining establishment. Since I do not have an inexhaustable supply of disposable income, a dining experience such as this is a welcome treat, albiet an expensive one.

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