December 8, 2010

Sweet Memories

I think I need a vacation to recover from the vacation...can't seem to keep up!

Today almost felt like it was spring outside. We had a beautiful 18C sunday afternoon. But the colors of the trees remind us that we still have a while to go before it's truly spring.

And I've finally was able to post some photos from DC. Mind you, I did a whole lot of relaxing and didn't really take a lot of photos of the city...but here are some that I caught here and there:

(from my window on the plane)

(The National Archives Building)

(Cutting of the cake at the wedding reception)

(I loved the moody metro stations - Dupont Circle)

(So THIS is where I lost it - Big red shoe @Union Station)

(Union Station)

(Another shot of Union Station)

(I really adore the architecture in DC - F Street)

(9th Street NW)

(Washington Monument)

(Ronald Reagan National Airport)

(Smithsonian Castle Information Center)

Oh, and the wedding? Absolutely wonderful!

It was so great seeing the happy couple getting married, surrounded by friends and family. You can tell they are very much loved and I wish them all the best!

Ok. So that was a bit more than "some"...but I couldn't stop uploading photos! Hope you enjoy them and get a chance to visit this lovely place, too! Even without a wedding to go to, I think it's one gorgeous city :-)

(Suddenly back to reality - Tokyo Bay)

PS: I'm behind on all my comments (so sorry!) but will be by soon!


Lois said...

Beautiful pictures Kaori! I love the one of the Washington Monument with the jet way up there in the sky--it is spectacular. I have been to DC many times because my sister lives in Baltimore. It is a wonderful city!

cieldequimper said...

Wonderful reportage (I loved the subway in DC too), you've got some really cool photos there! Sleep well!

Evelyn said...

Great pics - does make me want to visit. ps. is that you in green?

pps. I've got Irish faeries (Irish Memories) on my blog just for you.

Babzy said...

great serie !! i understand why you need more vacation ;)

Al said...

I love your photos of DC and can't wait to see more! And the red on your trees is refreshing, as ours is long gone and it will be months before we see 18C again.

Anonymous said...

took me about a week until I felt 'ready' to put my suitcase away, after returning home ...

great pictures indeed. thank you for the glimpse of the city and their happiness. please have a good wednesday.

daily athens

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures of a great holiday!

Kaori said...

Lois, I was really surprised how close Baltimore was to DC! It really is a wonderful city :-)

Ciel, I'd only been on the NY and Chicago trains so I wasn't expecting such a clean metro system ;-D

Evelyn, yup! My very first bridesmaid dress! Oh, and I LOVED your photos! Dreaming of Ireland already ;-)

Kaori said...

Babzy, it's at the end of the year...I think everyone could use a vacation :-D

Al, I cannot believe how you are in the middle of winter already! But it's getting colder here so I think we may catch up ;D

Robert, I'm actually still living from my suitcase right now ;-D

LadyFi, Thank you! Now time for me to get my feet back on the ground :-)

Louis la Vache said...

Your audience is happy to see this series of images from your trips. The two taken from the plane would be good Sky Watch Friday posts.

VP said...

What a beautiful surprise, I like this reportage, wedding included. I really hope you'll find a few more pictures to post.
By the way your 'reality' doesn't look so bad tome!

Evelyn said...

Very lovely. Great to see the face behind the name :). A nice dress too.

NYC In Photographs said...

Great shots! Union station looks really amazing!

arabesque said...

hiya kaori, ^0^
for someone who's never been to d.c. these are really "some" wonderful photos and i;m sure you had a hard time choosing which to upload. ^-^
congrats and best wishes to the bride and groom!
i super love the red heel,luis of one a day foto posted one too! but my uber fave was inside the union station. ^0^
glad you had a gr8 time!
and wish things would go back to normal again.

Kaori said...

Louis, oh you're right! The view from the little window was fantastic ;-)

VP, maybe I'll post a few more pictures ;-D

Evelyn, I didn't realize I'd never posted myself before :-)

Michael, I didn't have very much time at Union Station but what I saw was really fantastic :-D

Arabesque, I actually have a whole bunch of photos with just friends and didn't really take pics of the city...but I guess that's how it is when you're with friends ;-D

T.A.M. said...

Especially when we haven't seen you in years! I love that shot of Tokyo Bay.

Halcyon said...

Beautiful shots! I wouldn't mind seeing more. :)

The funny thing is, I have never been to Washington DC. I've been to many other capitols but not my own. I like your shots, they make me feel like I'd better plan a trip.

Kiki said...

It's nice to see your portrait :)

I went to D.C. at least 10 years ago and enjoyed the museums.

Kaori said...

T, the view over the bay really was pretty...we landed aroun 4pm so the sunlight was really warm. Can't wait to see you next year...I'm coming to Chicago wether you want me there or not ;-)

Halcyon, your capital is an amazing place...very diverse and full of culture. I hope you get to go one day :-D

Kiki (luv that name!), the museums were really interesting but we didn't really have time to linger much. Next time I go I'm going to take a whole day just walking around :-)

T. Becque said...

Looks like you took quite a lot of photos! And they are very good and fun to look at. Nice trip. I know it's hard to get back to reality after a trip!

Living In Williamsburg Virginia said...

Wonderful shots of what must have been a great trip.

Darryl and Ruth : )

Tall Gary said...

All of the impressive photos look like they are from a high-class magazine. I feel so privileged to be able to share in the viewing of them.

Kaori said...

T.Becque, I'm finally getting used to regular life! ;-)

Darryl and Ruth, I just realized I was pretty close to where you are! Maybe next time I can visit Virginia, too :-D

Tall Gary, awww thank you! I feel privileged that you'd think so :-)

this too will pass said...

love the station and subway shots in particular; looks like you had a great trip

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