January 28, 2010

Asahi Bridge

Asahi Bridge is a Registered Tangible Cultural Property as of June 19, 2009. It's a girder bridge that was built in 1930 to accommodate the expansion of the Tokorozawa Airfield, which was the first airfield in Japan. It was used to cross over Azuma River.

I like the way they used the white tiles for the arches.


VP said...

I love bridges and the stone of this is really beautiful.

Lenola Daily Photo said...

I'm with you, the white convey an enjoyable sense of peace and suspended pleasure :)

I love the first shot! It's very geometric.
The lines are well balanced between lights and shadows.

...let's continuing surfing through your posts ;)

Tall Gary said...

The white tiles (and carved stone) really make this bridge into a kind of artwork as are the photo angles and compositions of a certain daily photo photographer... :)

I see what you mean by “girder” bridge. I kept imagining something like this.

Kaori said...

Thanks you guys ;D

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