January 5, 2010

Book Vending Machine

This is the Japanese Kanji for 'Hon (本)' which means 'Book.'

The Kanji is written on the side of this vending machine. It's on one of the platforms at Tokorozawa Station.

The books sold are of all genres, from how-to books to popular novels. I think it's a pretty good idea to put this vending machine here.

Many people riding on the train read to pass the time. I do, too. Especially for people who are squeezed onto an already crowded train in the morning, probably need something to entertain themselves during the 50 plus minute train ride.

I like to read humorous or mystery books on the train because I don't want to get too emotional over a book on a crowded train. Moving stories tend to lead to crying, runny nose, and mascara all over the place...believe me, it gets ugly. So I'll just stick to David Sedaris and leave the heart wrenching stories for when I'm at home with a box of tissue.

Do you read on the train?


Babzy said...

I never seen this kind of machine before , i love bookshops and i hope these machines won't come to france soon :)
yes, i love reading on train !

Tall Gary said...

Mostly when I have a long commute. I never read (past tense) more than when I worked in Kawagoe for a summer and lived deep down in Mitaka. If you like mysteries I recommend "The Great Train Robbery” by the late (already?) Michael Crichton.

I remember reading a book of 1947 titled "The Tattoo Murder Case" by Akimitsu Takagi. Just as we were pulling into Shimokitazawa Station the book was talking about Shimokitazawa. What a rush.

I don't recommend that you read Leon Uris’ "Trinity” on the train. Never before and never since; but I cried my eyes out at reaching the end of that one.

Now? I spend more money on books at Amazon than I used to pay in rent in Japan (at least when I lived in a six-mat room with no kitchen or bath. Ha ha). But I just can’t find the proper time to read them. So, do I spend too much time checking out Kaori’s postings?

Oh, I wanna read Hatake Megumi’s “Chinpunkan." I have this thing about the Edo Period.

White Oleander said...

I try to read a bit when I'm riding one hour train to Copenhagen. I think this is a fantastic idea to sell books at train stations.

henny said...

Always have one or two in my backpack, one is anything, novel, or history, and the other is manual book.
Haven't seen book VM here, and people prefer spending time with their mobile phone.

Gary, you just recommended Kaori to read "Trinity" :)).

Amy said...

wow a book vending machine - very cool! that would keep me very happy :-)

VP said...

My firs book vending machine. I walk to work now, but when I was taking trains to commute I read a lot of books.
Tall Gary is right about 'The Great Train Robbery' and 'Trinity', I don't know the others.

Tall Gary said...

I realized that “The Great Train Robbery” was not so much a mystery as a crime adventure. Henny, I don’t think Kaori would like “Trinity.” It’s about Northern Ireland political “troubles” in the early 20th century. It started slowly but the drama and intensity continued to gradually build...

You know though, if VP has a regard for those books there might be something to them.

gogouci said...

What a wonderful idea. I've also never seen such a thing.

DeHanza said...

Yep, I read all the time. I also do homework.
It's kind of annoying tho, on the train in morning rush hour, trying to stand up holding a kanji book and writing characters
but it's worth it ^^b

Kaori said...

Wow, thanks for the suggestions Gary! Seems like most everyone reads on the train ;) I don't know about writing while holding books though, DeHanza! You must have really good balance :D

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