January 23, 2010

Waltz Love Heart

Christmas and New Year's is just over, and already there are hearts everywhere. Which can only mean one thing...Valentine's Day!

I know, I thought it was way to early, but apparently Tokorozawa doesn't think so!

This is a photo of the heart monument standing near the Seibu department store on the west side of Tokorozawa station. It's here for a limited time only, so now is the time to snap photos of it!


Tall Gary said...

I thought those blue trees were decorated solely for the Christmas season.

Hmm. That heart photo needs something. A self-timer camera; and maybe Kaori framed inside the heart alongside a certain special someone. That would be a good photo op.

Leif Hagen said...

What a lovely photo introducing Valentine's Day! I have my Valentine's posting already set to auto-post, unless I change it!

Amy said...

Gosh that's a big monument, I'm sure the bright pink colour helps it stand out.

henny said...

But why Waltz Love Heart? What I dont understand is why girls have to give chocolate to boys? Hmmm, I'd better buy one for myself :)

Kaori said...

Gary, I thought so, too. But it seems like they will be lit up till valentine's :)

Leif, I just realised I'm going to have to find another photo for the actual day :P

Amy, it really does stand out, especially in the dark ;)

Henny, I know what you mean! Most guys don't even like chocolate! ;D Oh, and the name probably has 'waltz' in it because the Seibu Departement Store in Tokorozawa is named 'waltz.'

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