May 5, 2010

Children's Day

Today is Children's Day called 'Kodomo No Hi (こどもの日),' the last day of Golden Week.

This day originally was called 'Tango No Sekku (端午の節句)' and celebrated the future growth and success of young boys (as apposed to the Doll Festival for girls). But in 1948 the day became a national holiday and it was renamed Children's Day to celebrate both young boys and young girls.

But although the name has changed, much of the traditions surrounding this holiday are associated with the old holiday. Such as this 'Kabuto (兜)' in the photo above or the 'Gogatsu Ningyo (五月人形)' which translates to May Doll, below.

In the olden days, when a boy was born into a Samurai family, they would decorate the entrance of the house with a Kabuto or Doll. You can see the dolls are wearing a 'Yoroi,' which were important armour in a battle for a Samurai. So they would decorated the entrance in hopes that the son would grow to be strong, healthy, and kept from from harm.

I hope children all over the world grow to be strong and healthy, and most importantly kept from harm. Happy Children's Day!


Louis la Vache said...

Mme la Vache called her son in Fujiyama today to give him her greetings on this holiday.

arabesque said...

they really have lots of special days! ^0^
and the doll looks pretty unique.

Lois said...

I did not know of this day! Thanks!

VP said...

An interesting tale of tradition and history, your pictures illustrating the post are simply gorgeous!

Tall Gary said...

Two more future notecards (still hoping). You often have an artistic flair for close ups.

By the way, I could find a photo of the making of kabuto here. That’s kabuto as in かぶ頭。

(Turnip head).

Anonymous said...

One can surely be lucky and proud to live in a country able to celebrate such a day.

daily athens

Kaori said...

Thank you for the comments! Children's Day is the last day of Golden Week, which means it's back to work! Hope you all had a great day as well ;D

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