May 25, 2010

Lotus Luck

Have you ever eaten a Lotus Root? It's called 'Renkon (蓮根)' in Japanese and is a popular vegetable here.

In Japan the Lotus Root is considered to be good luck. If you've ever cut a Lotus Root, you'll know that there are a lot of holes. And because you can look through the Lotus Root, it is believed that it gives you insight into the future.

I found these Lotus Root chopstick holders in various places around the shop Chocolate Cosmos. The owner told me that they were popular as an extra something when people buy presents there. Aren't they cute?

Anyone who wants to stop by the shop, it's open from 11am to 7pm mostly everyday!


Tall Gary said...

That’s clever. They look a lot like real slices of lotus root, but please don’t break a tooth!

I used to like renkon hasami age, kind of like in the photo here.

Anonymous said...

Surely the very right plant, as luck and truth won't ever leave a trace of dirt.
Interesting as well the "usage" of the holes, makes their emptyness work, receiving a meaning. Please have a wonderful Tuesday.

daily athens

White Oleander said...

I used to eat goes well with clear broth.

arabesque said...

at first i thought they're real,^0^
very ingenious.
and granny used to cooked us lotus soup. very refreshing. ^0^

Babzy said...

i tasted lotus roots a few month ago , and i appreciate , i didn't know it was a symbol of luck !

Dindin MK said...

what a unique chopsticks holders!
so nice & creative.

B SQUARED said...

I could use some of those.

Lois said...

They are cute! I'm pretty sure I've never eaten lotus root before, but would love to try it.

Louis la Vache said...

The lotus root is interesting to look at - what a neat interpretation of it in those chopstick holders!

Kaori said...

Thank you for the comments everyone! I thought these chopstick holders would be good as souveniers :D

Tall Gary, yes, I like hasami age, too! I think we had Renkon Burger in one of the fast food places here once :D

ρομπερτ, I'm always amazed at how Japanese people take words and/or things and convert them into luck or something good! It's quite interesting :)

White Oleander, that sounds good too! It's one of those vegetables that really go with anything :D

Arabesque, I know, the shape is very real! Your granny's soups sounds delicious :D

Babzy, not only is it good luck, it's good for you health, too! :-D

Dindin MK, I would never of thought to make Lotus Root chopstick holders! The artist is very creative :D

B Squared, the chopstick holders? or the luck? ;D

Lois, if you have an asian supermarket near by, they would definately have some! :-D

Louis, aren't they neat? I thought they were really unique :D

VP said...

I don't know much about Lotus root and I never had occasion to taste it, but these holders are very nice and elegant!

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