March 25, 2009

Bicycle Parking

7 minutes seems really short...but when you've had a full day of work walking around in 4 inch heels, a 7 minute walk can last a lifetime. This is why I ride my bike to the station sometimes.

This is where I park my bike. You can pay a monthly fee or buy a 200yen ticket for a day. Some of the parking space for bicycles around the station are outside, but this one is nice because it has a roof.


Tall Gary said...

It looks a bit less crowded than where I parked my bicycle near Musashi Sakai Station. But then again, it was free.

Four inch heels? No thank you. I have enough brain damage from hitting my head on door lintels and other low lying projections. (Just joking about the heels. I realize no one is asking me to wear such torture devices).

Wouldn’t it be grand if comfortable shoes became fashionable for women?

nobu said...

It is a large parking.
Is it very close to the station?

Thanks for visiting to my blog!

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