March 20, 2009

It's Spring!

Knew it was just around the corner...but now it's official! It's SPRING here in Tokorozawa! Yay! I've been waiting for THE longest time.

It's also Shunbun No Hi, the Vernal Equinox, today. It's a national holiday and is also recognized as the start of spring.

Spring in Japan, especially the mainland, brings a lot of misery to people who have hayfever like me and half of the population. Most people are allergic to the pollen from japanese cedars so you'll see people walking around wearing masks everywhere. The yellow sand that blows over from China doesn't help either.

But all that is worth it because it's warm out, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, everything is starting to bloom! (I'm sure some people would disagree...)

Anyways, these adorable daffodils were growing in a corner of a parking lot. I've noticed we have a lot of plants growing in the most random places here in Tokorozawa. I wonder if it just randomly grew there. However it got there, it brightens up the place so I think it's great.


Tall Gary said...

Hay Fever: When I got bad colds I used to suffer horrendously from coughing jags that would last for months at a time due to postnasal “drip” (I would call it “yellow muck”); until I started using something like a neti pot:

Now, after recovering in a matter of a few short days, I just sigh sometimes at all the needless suffering I went through in those days long past.

The famous Mayo Clinic has a related video here:

I’ll bet these methods would work well for hay fever.

By the way, Kaori, did you get a dusting of yellow daffodil pollen on the tip of your nose when you bent over to smell the fragrance of these flowers?

Kaori said...

I am, thankfully, not allergic to daffodil pollen :)

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