March 31, 2009

Guardian Angels

We've been seeing a lot of Guardian Angels around Tokorozawa Station lately. They're a non-profit organization that patrols the streets to insure safety. I don't know if I should be worried that there seems to be a need for them to be here, or reassured that they are here. Then again, we all need a guardian angel at one time or another.

One thing I will say is that it's a very brave person that can attempt to wear a red beret. Not everyone can pull off that look.


White Oleander said...

I heard about this organization before and I think it's very brave of them. Thanks for sharing:)

Tall Gary said...

Ha ha, I have to agree with you on that one: his red beret does look rather fetching on him, now that you point it out. And that red jacket! The only person I've ever known to pull that look off any better is this guy, of course.

Back to your photo: In this particular instance one wonders who is protecting whom, considering that there is a public police box off to his right.

Just as with health, prevention can go a long way. It's often a better route to go than trying to find a cure after a problem already arises. So maybe our red-jackets are having some effect. Yet it might be interesting to ask the police in the koban if the crime rate has gone down since the Guardian Angels came on the scene in force. Has their presence really had an effect or are they less a force than a farce?

I did read the sad news that public crime is indeed on an upswing in Japan. Good luck and stay safe!

Tall Gary said...

By the way, did you know that when James Dean was making Rebel Without a Cause he had a Japanese legal seal made (実印)? But we don't use those here in the states. So, 『理由無き反抗』の時に理由無きはんこをした。

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