March 30, 2009


Dropped by the Bagus in Tokorozawa the other night. You can play pool and darts here. Darts are more popular than pool these days, but personally I like pool better.

They also have two foosball tables near the entrance. I used to come here alot to play pool in college but I'd never really noticed the foosball tables until last night. If you're ever there, you HAVE to play it! It's really a lot of fun!

You get 4 balls for 100yen.


Tall Gary said...
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Tall Gary said...

I probably write too much, but, you post a couple photos with a two captions and you cause me to have a flood of memories, Kaori.

You probably prefer 9-ball. I was an 8-ball kind of guy. The three-person game of Cut-Throat is fun too. Do you know it, Kaori? 

Speaking of college, my college roommate was good at playing pool. When I mentioned that I would like to be so too, he said, “You don't want to get good at pool. If you get good, you get into gambling, and you don't want to get into gambling.” Probably he was right.

In my teens I went to a “pool hall” to practice one day. Some guy came up to me and handed me his cue saying, “Here, try this.” I made every shot I tried. I have never understood how a quality cue can make such a difference. I never got a custom cue myself. Never got that serious. How about you, Kaori?

My favorite “billiard parlor” was in that central plaza in the heart of Kabuki-cho. It’s in this building on the right, maybe the fifth floor. It’s called Sometime, or in Japanese サムタイム.

The cues were pretty good. It was just a good place. The last time I was there we played darts but it was just totally random to me (because of my lack of skill). Like you, I prefer pool.

I think it was at HUB in Kichijoji that I had a great time one night playing foosball. But I’m sure that in the heat of the game there were one or two times I knocked a ball into my own goal. Not cool! Ha ha.

I like your photos. You put us right there on the field in the middle of the action. Great.

Oops. Gotta go now. If I don’t move quickly that guy in blue looks like he’s gonna to kick that soccer ball and whack me upside my head.

Kaori said...

I don't have my own cue either. I was only into pool for about a year in college. All my shots were pure luck :)

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