July 18, 2009

Andon Lights

I went by the Tokorozawa Andon Light Festival at the Ginza Chuo Plaza today. They were lit up all along the sidewalk and around the plaza.

Andon lights were originally used during the Edo era. They are paper lanterns made from washi, a type of Japanese paper, used as a signal device or a commercial sign, like there were tonight.

If you look closely you can see the name of shops around Tokorozawa on the side of the paper cover. All of them also had cute pictures painted on it.


henny said...

Wow! I wish we have Andon Light festival, too. Will check it at the city hall later :). Does it include modern shops as well? It'll be great if we cant take home after the festival.
Oh, I haven't seen HP6 yet. Wanna watch it on Monday, Umi no hi :). Have plan on that day, Kaori?

Mo said...

Wonderful lanterns

kostas said...

I think its magic!

Kaori said...

Henny, all of them are modern shops! I wish we could take them home too! Are you going to go see the movie on monday? I'm planning on using the whole day to sleep! No more bags under my eyes :)

Mo, thank you! It's going to be an annual festival starting this year :)

Kostas, I thought so too :)

White Oleander said...

I'm slowly catching up with your blog. I miss Japan so much...it's my favorite Asian country.

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