July 16, 2009

Retro Posters

Another couple of shots of the old movie posters along the Sakazuki Yokocho.

The one on the top is 'Yogiri yo Konya mo Arigato,' which I've never seen before. But I do know the guy on the poster, Yujiro Ishihawa. He was a very famous actor and his brother is actually the Governor of Tokyo Metropolis. But that's all I know.

The one bellow is 'Nihon Ichi no Otoko no Naka no Otoko.' Don't know any one here.

But I like these retro posters. Maybe I'll go borrow one of these movies sometime.


Leif Hagen said...

Kaori san! Omoshiroi desu ne! I love the old movie posters - fun photos! Wish I could see one of the movies in a theater! Arigato!

gogouci said...

Very animated facial expressions. These posters look very similar to romance novel covers. Neat series.

Amy said...

Love these posters, are they from the 1960's or 1970's they look very retro.

dyanna said...

I like these posters.

Kaori said...

Leif Hagen, there's this one movie theater near Shinjuku that shows really old black and white movies :)

Gogouci, now that you mention it...! :)

Amy, they are! Both of the movies came out in 1967 :)

Dyanna, I do too. Painted movie posters are so rare now :)

henny said...

Last time I saw painted movie posters like twenty years ago. So large, they covered all the cinema facade :). So, they aren't posted in front of a cinema? It's a great way to preserve stuff from old time.
PS: the use of particles is so confusing. This tittle got three no's :).

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