July 6, 2009

Gracis Tower Atrium

Okay, I think I'm starting to get obsessed with Gracis Tower Tokorozawa. But I work in real estate so I can't help but be curious about buildings.

I noticed that this building has a 27 story atrium, which means that all the apartment units have several windows. Being able to open windows on both sides of the apartment means that it's cooler in the summer because the air can flow through. Although I'm sure most everyone just closes everything up and switches on their air conditioners.

Under the atrium is a couple of benches and tables. Great place to just sit and rest.


Babzy said...

Impressive building !

henny said...

If it was designed to at least reduce the use power, I hope residents will make use of it. In summer like this, I open all my windows and turn off the aircon. In the second photo, is it real plant?

Kaori said...

Babzy, I thought so too :)

Henny, I try not to use the A/C like you. Do you mean all that ivy? I'll have to check :)

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