April 4, 2010

Dark as Night

We had stong winds and gloomy weather today.


Louis la Vache said...

hee hee
That image could work as a dust jacket for a murder mystery!

Tall Gary said...


The Case of the Vampire Streetlight

In the distance the muffled sound of falling cherry blossom petals as they hit the ground screaming. All else was silence as the last train had long ago been tucked comfortably in the train shed for beddy-bye. Overhead, a sinister wind blew the clouds like the very cape of Count Dracula. Here, close at hand, Count Dracula’s henchman, the vampire street light, sucked all the light from every window of the house we see before us. All except that kind and innocent tiny window on the right. Will it be next? Is it just a matter of time before it,too, is plunged into infernal darkness?

“Mwaa ha haa!”

Chapter 2 to follow. But wait! My computer monitor is growing dim! I can’t see any Blogger icons. Where are they? Now it’s blacking out. Oh no! It’s the vampire str e ee t l iii gh t.......... come to do it’s dastardly deeds... What can I

Kaori said...

Louis, it is pretty creepy isn't it?

Tall Gary, Oh no!!! I'd know that laugh anywhere! Are you okaaaay???

VP said...

Interesting comments, scary image, funny post!

Kaori said...

Louis, it does look very spooky, doesn't it? ;)

Tall Gary, oh no! Are you okaaaaay??? (static in the background)

VP, thanks for the great comment :)

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