April 3, 2010

River Reflection

I like the reflection of the pretty cherry trees in the river. This is one of my favorite spots during the cherry blossom season. Happy Easter everyone!

See other reflections from around the world at Weekend Reflections hosted by James.


Clytie said...

The cherry blossom reflection is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Louis la Vache said...

What a perfect image for Weekend Reflections!

Easter blessings to you, too!

VP said...

One of the nicest reflections seen around today!

Tall Gary said...

Another beautiful picture postcard from Kaori.

So, cherry-blossom-viewing season is here at last.

Soon enough that won’t be a reflection but fallen cherry-blossom petals like drifts of snow on the surface of the water.

Life is short. Enjoy!

White Oleander said...

Awesome reflection!

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