February 28, 2010

Jitsugetsu Shrine

This is the entrance to Jitsu-getsu Shrine (日月神社).

The stone stairs lead up toward the main shrine. I noticed a lot of people just walking around or little children playing in the lower area.

I'm sure the fierce creature guarding the shrine enjoys having people come by.


Louis la Vache said...

Yes, it must be lonely being a fierce creature guarding a shrine!

Re your question is this for real? - yes! That house is real. The valley on the southwest side of that mountain is filled with multi-million dollar homes.

Leif Hagen said...

I like the lion photo - a friendly lion?

VP said...

It doesn't look too scary, it's a very good sculpture.

Tall Gary said...

Perhaps not so lonely considering that they are a pair But one does hope that that morning dew is not actually saliva dripping in anticipation of a fine beef repast.

Yuko said...


Hilda said...

Both the entrance and the lion are beautiful! I think this is the first torii I've seen that's made of stone rather than wood.

Kaori said...

Louis, thanks for the answer! That was a gorgeous post :)

Leif, I'm sure it's friendly, but I'm not sure it's a lion ;D

VP, there's actually another one of the other side looking the other way!

Gary, yes, they always come in pairs! Did you notice that there is always one with it's mouth open and the other closed?

Yuko, やっぱりシーサー!?笑。京都の神社とかにもいたんだょね、このシーサーらしき野獣!!!裕子のシーサーのマクロも見たいな~♪笑。

Hilda, this is my first stone torii in Tokorozawa, too! Most seem to have wooden torii...I'll have to find out why :D

Pitchapa CHOMDUANG said...

I am also like the lion photo..lovely lion there.

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