February 24, 2010

Movie Night

There was a used DVD and CD market near Tokorozawa Station. Most of the DVD's were foreign movies, but they had a little corner for Japanese movies.

Japanese films have been quite popular lately, especially since 2006 when Japanese films pulled in a higher film gross than foreign films.

This DVD in the photo is called 'Abunai Deka (Dangerous Detectives),' about a couple of maverick cops who solve cases. It was a really popular TV series and was made into a movie. This is the only one I've seen, but it's really silly and filled with action. A great movie to watch for fun!


arabesque said...

a dvd haven! ^0^
i can stay and browse there all day, believe me, i'm a fanatic, ^-^
glad you introduce something japanese inspired, i'll try to look for this title, lately, been watching j-tv-series, like mr. brain, untouchable, etc. i kinda like this genre. ^0^

Deden said...

nice post, with great picture too, specially the last one..
Well I guess the same fever happening at here too, I've just finished my new Crow Zero 2 DVD, after Aya Ueto's Azumi 2 :)
oh its not just the movie but the anime fashion style also, they called it "Harajuku" or something.. I don't know what that mean, but I wonder if there is anybody really wear that outfit in Japan?

VP said...

I have nothing against openly silly movies, they usually better than many serious and pretentious movies which often turn out even sillier!
By the way, Japan is the country of the movie director I most admire, Akira Kurosawa, and of the great Yasujiro Ozu.

gogouci said...

That place looks huge and so spacious. I love watching movies and am a frequent visitor at our local rental storefront.

Kaori said...

Arabesque, I didn't know you had Japanese tv programs over there! I liked Mr. Brain, too! Haven't seen Untouchable though. Was it good?

Deden, Harajuku is a place in Tokyo! You could call it a fashion center...you can see lot of people dressed in goth, lolita, and other anime ;D

VP, yup we're very proud of Kurosawa and Ozu films in Japan :D

Gogouci, I like browsing around the rental shop too! There are so many choices, I end up staying for quite a while ;)

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