March 8, 2010

So Soon

Where DO the weekends go? I had a really really good weekend, but still can't believe it's monday already.

Just so I don't get the monday blues, I've posted photos of Koku Park on a sunny day. The plum blossom season is almost over but they're still some hanging on to the branches. Soon the park will be filled with cherry blossoms!

Well...I think I'm ready to face monday. Hope you all have a great week!


VP said...

Probably it's my fault but I haven't seen any bloom yet. These are beautiful and I can't imagine a park full of them.
I wonder where the weekends go either...

arabesque said...

reminds me of the song manic monday by the bangles. ^0^
ugh! mondays isn't one of my fave days, glad to see this foto that looks fresh and inspiring.
can;t wait to see sakura already. ^0^
hope you had a nice weekend and wishing you a gr8 week ahead.

Lois said...

They are beautiful! We had a gorgeous weekend here.

Deden said...

everybody looks had a same feelings about this day, including me.. and this beautiful park, is a must to visit as every Monday as possible... :)

gogouci said...

I'm happy to announce that I survived my Monday.

Kaori said...

VP, before you know it, you'll be surrounded by blooms too! Can't wait to see your photos :)

Arabesque, I don't know that song but am going to find it and put it in my iPod to listen to on Monday mornings ;D

Lois, weekends are the best, especially when the weather is nice!

Deden, you're so right :D

Gogouci, good for you! I did too, although it was a close call ;)

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