March 28, 2010

Taking a Flight

This is the tail of the airplane that is displayed right outside Koku Koen Station.

The YS-11 is the first and only aircraft to be produced in Japan. It's first flight was in August 1962. This JA8732 aircraft that is displayed was made in 1969 and used by All Nippon Airways.

The JA8732 aircraft's last flight was on April 13, 1997 from Oshima to Tokyo. You can read more about the aircraft here.

I though it appropriate to post a airplane since I will be taking a different ANA flight today for a family reunion. But I will try to post and visit everyone while I'm away. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


Tall Gary said...

Bon voyage. Wish you a safe journey.

Yes, Tokorozawa certainly has a connection with
aviation history. From your link we can see that the airliner was still in service in 1998. Any still in use today? It is impressive how well kept the plane in your photo looks. Like it could take off at a moment’s notice.

We can’t find so many of these in the air today either but you know something? There is a Zero fighter in flying condition in an aviation museum not far from where I live here in the States.

Kaori said...

Oops, I should of said that this JA8732 aircraft's last flight was in 1997. Thanks for noticing :)

The aviation museum near you place sounds interesting! Have you been there?

VP said...

Tall Gary is right, Japan had a great past tradition of flying machines.

Louis la Vache said...

This is interesting to «Louis» who likes airplanes almost as much as he does ships and boats. He'll also pass this on to Tash at Palos Verdes Daily Photo. She also likes airplanes.

Join us next Sunday for the new Sunday Bridge meme.

Tall Gary said...

Kaori, I haven’t been to the aviation museum yet but will definitely go now. The Zero there is one of only three still flying. You can see a clip of it in flight here.

Kaori said...

Thanks, VP! I'm learning more about aviation everyday :)

Louis, thank you for sharing the post! I'll start looking for a bridge in Tokorozawa ;D

Gary, that video is amazing! I had no idea that they still flew, thanks for the link ;)

Lois said...

Have a good time!

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