March 17, 2010

Urban Legend

A pedestrian sign on the side of the road. It's said that there was a certain photo behind the making of this sign.

A cameraman was taking a walk around a park. There he saw a child with her father also taking a walk. The cheerful father smiling down at the sweet child. They were holding hands and playing a word game while walking.

The cameraman, quite taken with the way they look, grabbed his camera and took a photo. Suddenly, the father, who realized they were being photographed, gave the cameraman a piercing look. The cameraman, noticing the father's sudden alarm, apologized to the father, explaining that he wanted to take a natural photo of the father and child, and promised to send it once it was developed.

The father hearing this, smiled and thanked the cameraman, but stated that sending the photo was not necessary. Taking his child's hand, they quickly walked away.

At that time, the government wanted to establish a new pedestrian sign and was accepting ideas from the general public. The cameraman, on hearing this, remembered the photo he took at the park and came up with a design from the photo. To his surprise, his idea was accepted it became the new pedestrian sign!

A few months later, the cameraman was reading the newspaper. Without a thought, he turned to the local news section and saw a familiar face. Racking through his brain, he remembered that it was the father from the park.

The title of the article read 'Child Abductor-Murderer Caught!' and the small photo in the corner of the victim, was the child from the park.

What do you think? It's an urban legend, so whether you believe it or not, is up to you!


Babzy said...

wow , you know how to tell stories !!! I hope it's not the truth but i like detective novels ;)
nevertheless i like the sign !

VP said...

A great story, quite sad if it is true, and you told it very well!

Hilda said...

I like the sign, but the story made the hair on my arms stand up. I really, really hope it's not true.

arabesque said...

yikes! the story sounded so real, i'm hoping this isn't what really happened...
and this story made the foto more interesting. ^0^

Kaori said...

Thanks for the comments! Sometimes I scare myself with stories like this ;)

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