June 2, 2009

Cozy Corner

Cozy Corner is a popular pastry shop in Japan. They first opened a store in Ginza back in 1948, but now you can pretty much find their stores everywhere. This is the store at the Shin Tokorozawa station.

Cozy Corner is famous for their giant cream puffs. It's so good! You can see their other yummy products here.

The store is right across from the station ticket booth...such a temptation! Anyone who passes by this place without at least pausing briefly to glance at the pastry is definitely a stronger person than I am. And whoever thought to put the store at this location is a genius!

1 comment:

henny said...

Wherever they put this store, it's the cakes that draw people's attention. Do me a favor, will you? If I find Cozy Corner in Hiroshima, can you tell me which I may eat?

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