June 29, 2009

Kebab Stand

We have a Kebab stand parked along Tokorozawa's shopping arcade, Prope Dori.

Kebab, or kebap, is really popular here recently. But I heard that in Turkey they mostly use lamb, but here in Japan we use beef or chicken. So I guess it tastes a little different from the original kebab.

But whatever they're using, it smells amazing! And the turkish guy who sells it is very friendly, winking at everyone. Even the old ladies giggle.


henny said...

It's a part of marketing strategy? Or maybe it's their nature, to wink at everyone ;). If you ate meat, you would have to try lamb kebab, Kaori. Now you remind me of Turkish Culture Center in Tokyo, long to see that place.
PS: here we only have imoooooyakiiiii...

Hilda said...

LOL! I hope the little old ladies buy too! :D

nobu said...

I sometime see it in festival,
I have never have it, but actually it smells nice.

Kaori said...

Henny, maybe it is part of their strategy. He's definately got the old ladies and highschool girls on his side :)
PS:Imoyaki is the best! I cn actually eat it too, hehe!

Hilda, they do they do :)

Nobu, I see them at festivals too. Or any big event these days :)

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