June 17, 2009

Wet & Drippy

It's been raining like crazy these past few days. I think I actually like all this rain. It rains really hard, with thunder and lightening, but only last about an hour. Weird.

This car was still dripping from the shower this evening.


Bob Crowe said...

That's an exceptionally creative picture. It has a very refreshing feel.

My wife and I have visited Japan several times and enjoy it very much. We have had the pleasure of visiting many places from Sado Island to Nagasaki.

henny said...

The first photo is very cool, Kaori. It makes me thirsty, mmm, weird:).
And thanks for the award. I'm sorry for the late respond, I was away in the past 5 days I think.
Will post and pass the award tomorrow.
Love you :).

Tall Gary said...

I agree with Bob Crowe. A brilliant way to express rain in the top photo. Sounds like summer squall weather. A little early maybe but the weather everywhere is flipped out.

I remember how the weather changed often after every rain storm (or was it typhoon?) in the summer. After one it would be super hot. Then after the next one it would be cool or even cold, then hot...

The bottom photo puzzles me. The car in back on the left looks kind of weird. Almost like some kind of three wheeler.

The angles are strange. Is that the street at the bottom? Is it a kind of car lot selling cars? The signs in the windows of the two back cars look like those in car lots. The main car has no license plate. And that over-all green light...

They are fun photos that you have shown us.

Kaori said...

Bob Crowe, hi thank you for the comment! I'm glad you enjoyed Japan and hope both you and your wife get to stop by Tokorozawa the next time :)

Henny, hey we missed you! Glad you noticed the award :)

Tall Gary, I think it was a squall. The weather here is starting to feel very tropical these days. Definately damp. We haven't had a typhoon hit the kanto area yet though.
The car in the back is definately a car, but I'm not too sure what type it is. I'll have to ask. These cars are sitting outside an autoshop and are for sale :)

Tall Gary said...

I could find the small, strange car back there on the left, Kaori. It is a Daihatsu Midget II. It is, as you say, a four wheeler. It can come as a one seater or a two seater (but the two seater looks more like one-and-a-half seats). And either a cargo version, or pickup.

Coşkun said...

Hi Kaori,
Thanks for sharing nice photos.
Rain drobs with green color are nice captured.

Kaori said...

Tall Gary, wow! I knew if anyone could figure out what that car was, it would be you! I like the pickup version, although the one at the shop was the cargo one :)

Coşkun, hi! It's been raining so much these days there's not much else to photograph, but I'm glad you like it. Thanks for the comment :)

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