June 21, 2009

Walking With Daddy

A little girl walking hand in hand with her dad. They were probably headed for the kindergarten just around the corner.

A lot more dad's in Japan are interacting with their kids these days, but I'm still surprised when I see a business man riding a bike with a child in the baby seat or even just taking the train with their children. But I think it's great. I loved spending time with my dad growing up and I miss him like crazy now that I'm grown up and living far away. I hope everyone has at least one fond memory with their dad's.

Happy Father's Day!


nobu said...

Nice post on father's day.

henny said...

You remember Father's Day. Yes, I miss my father, too. You are right about fathers who are becoming more interactive with their kids. I see them here, too. But some businessman father riding a bike with their kids, I haven't seen it so far here, I presume, it's a small town, there are mothers for that chorus :).
My warm regards to your father.

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