June 24, 2009

I Heart Blueberries

One thing I miss about living back in the states is the U-picks. We used to go pick apple, peach, cherries, strawberries, and my all time favorite, blueberries!

But I've found the U-pick system here in Japan is expensive and most have a time limit to how long we can pick. That's no fun. So when I started a veranda garden last year, I really wanted a blueberry plant, but the season was over before I knew it.

So I'd been sniffing around for a blueberry plant this year and I finally found my blueberry plant! Can't wait to eat fresh blueberries!


Tall Gary said...

I ♥ blueberries too. It looks like you have a pretty good crop coming in. I just saw this “inexpensive way to increase your crop.”

I know a guy who has pick-and-eat blueberries in Nagano Prefecture, but, as you say, it could be expensive. You could check it out here anyway if you are in that neighborhood.

When the time comes in the near future allow me to say Bon appetite.

gogouci said...

Wow, they look like they're coming along great. It's strawberry picking time here now.

henny said...

So, this a blueberry plant looks like. Just between the two of us, I'm good at making blueberry cheesecake. Send them when they're ready, I'll send the cake to you ;).

Babzy said...

Blueberries are so good ... i can undrestand you miss them ;) My favourite is bluberries pie !

Amy said...

mmm yum blueberries! you'd love my garden, we have some trees like feijoa, mandarin, lemon, orange and lime.

Kaori said...

I knew it! Everyone loves blueberries!

Gary-Yes, I'm going to try to grow more...but I don't know if I'll be using the net :)
Gogouci-Strawberries are great too! I'll have to try them next year :)
Henny-I'm taking up your offer, I LOVE cheesecake! Never knew you were so talented in the kitchen :)
Babzy-Blueberry pie is really good too, I miss it all :)
Amy-Hi thanks for the comment! And you're right, I'd probably be in heaven in your garden :)

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