June 9, 2009

Hey Bud

Well, it's not really a bud. It's a fully grown flower. But I found it sitting on top of a gate as if it belonged there.

What are the odds of a flower falling off the tree and landing there? Plus facing up and still looking fresh?

This buddy sure is pretty amazing.


nobu said...

Lovely story, Kaori.

By the way,I hope you check my article on Funabashi Daily Photo
And please take an award.

Babzy said...

the flower is gorgeous !

Tall Gary said...

Obviously, it wasn’t at all windy when you took this photo.

What are the odds of it landing like that? About the same as taking a long-stemmed red flower, tossing it over your shoulder and having it land like this.

Or even less likely than this.

Kaori said...

Nobu, thank you for the lovely award! I'm going to have to pass it on a new post :)

Babzy, I thought so too! For a fallen flower it still looked amazingly fresh :)

Tall Gary, the odds are unbelievable. But you're right, it wasn't windy at all, thus the perfect landing :)

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