June 14, 2009

Hoppy Glow

The red glow of the lanterns.

They're advertising 'Hoppy,' a type of beer flavored drink. Mixed with shochu, it was a replacement drink when beer was too expensive, but even now it is still a popular drink in the Tokyo area.


Tall Gary said...

The favorite drink of this guy?

I love the colors of those glowing red lamps.

Speaking of glowing (we seem to be on a nice theme here), are there any fireflies in Tokorozawa? From around the time the guy above was popular on TV I remember fireflies being caught in the backyard of a neighbor in the centralish part of L.A.

nobu said...

Hoppy makes me happy!

Leif Hagen said...

Konnichiwa! Beautiful lanterns! Subarashi yo! Domo Arigato! Kyo wa watashi no tanjobi desu kedo EAGAN daily photo

Babzy said...

Nice lanterns and beautiful light :)

Kaori said...

Tall Gary, I haven't seen any fireflies around here...I heard that the water has to be really pure to spot fireflies. Maybe further down the Seibu Line, around Chichibu, maybe? I'd love to see one though! Never knew how rare they were here in Japan until I came :)

Nobu, are you one of the hoppy drinkers? How do you usually drink it? I may try it one of these days :)

Leif Hagen, arigato! And also, Otanjobi Omedeto :)

Babzy, thank you! I just couldn't walk by the glowing red lanterns without taking a photo :)

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