April 6, 2009

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I know I have way too many cherry blossom pictures lately, but really, I can't help myself. They're just so pretty and cheerful. And they're only here for a short bit.

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Tall Gary said...

That top view is of that short cut you like to take that you showed us March 23rd. Even though it is almost the exact same view, the feeling and atmosphere are so different as to make the two photos seem like completely different places. Oh, please, more cherry blossoms, if you will!

I love the composition of the bottom photo. It’s perfectly balanced. I was going to go on about the beautifully angled shapes of the dark branches at the top and bottom right. And look at how those thin dark branches on the left middle go to create an almost perfect left-facing triangle. Then the darkness of branches contrasted by the brilliant, brightest of the blossoms... I was going to go on like that but that is so foolish. Let's just look at this masterful photo; and sigh.

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