April 14, 2009

Himalaya Dining

Himalaya Dining has the best Indian/Nepalese food ever! They also play the ever so entertaining Indian movies and music videos. They also have a lot of books and magazines on Nepal laying around, so there's always something to keep you occupied here.


henny said...

Here there's an Indian Restaurant about 5 minutes walk from my apaato, too.
You just give me an idea to run there for the freshest curry and nan bread :).

White Oleander said...

Delicious~I'd like to know what do they offer on the menu.

Tall Gary said...

White Oleander:

There is a link to the restaurant’s menu at the link Kaori has up there. You can find a party menu also here which has English written for most everything, but you need four people for the party menu. The “curry & others;” “set;” and “lunch” menus don’t have English, and the “drink” menu has some general English at the bottom.

On the top page there are recommendations No. 1; No. 2; and No. 3 for 700 yen; 600 yen; and 500 yen respectively. They are, in order, first, Nepalese momo, traditional steamed gyoza (dumplings); second, a set menu of curry, rice, salad, and nan (Indian tandoori-baked bread); and third, tandoori chicken.

I’m salivating at that round tostada looking thing. I wonder if it is some kind of papadum. I love papadums.

A former student and friend (she is Japanese) married a Nepalese guy. He was a professional musician on tabla drums. I haven’t had contact with them for five years, though. I would like to say that they are happily married. Oh, she met him at a Nepalese restaurant in Shibuya.

henny said...

Kaori, I have a chicken for you. Would you like to take it? It's still in my cage waiting for you :). For your great work sharing Tokorozawa with us.

Kaori said...

White Oleander, the food is so good, I always forget to take a picture before digging in! I'll restrain myself next time and try to get a photo :)

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