April 12, 2009

The Mayo

Seiyu is a supermarket located right by Tokorozawa Station. Daiei, which is further down the road, actually has a wider variety of products. But I usually end up going to Seiyu because it's closer to my side of the station and they're food section is open until 2am. That means I could come back from the city on the last train and still by milk and eggs. Very convenient.

Anyways, I was just really surprised at how many types of mayonnaise there are. So many variety...cut calories, cholestrole free, mustard mix, small obento sizes.

Just so you know, it tastes TOTALLY different from the mayonnaise in the US.


henny said...

That's my mayo! The Baby brand :).
Mmmm, are you Japanese origin? I'm having difficulties finding halal stuff since I'm Kanji illiterate. Not to mention my Japanese is still very poor. Please tell me, which one is mustard mix?

Tall Gary said...


Kaori did say on March 19th, in a comment, that she is definitely Japanese.

This is the only image I could find of mustard mayonnaise (<—if you click on the blue over there<—). The katakana looks like this: マスタードマヨネーズ。I just noticed that there is also an onion mustard mayonnaise.

For anyone interested, this is information about halal in English and forbidden foods, haraam, in Japanese.

Thanks for taking the time to make a posting, Kaori, even though you are super, unbelievably busy.

{I was a proofreader once, so forgive me, I can’t help myself. Please feel free to ignore this. After all, you are super busy, right? 1st paragraph, 4th line: “they are (they’re)—>their. 5th line: your fingers were in a big hurry and passed over the “u” in “buy,” so: “by”—>buy. 2nd paragraph, 2nd line: many indicates a plural: “variety”—>varieties. “Cut calories” might be better as—>low calories. “Cholestrole”—>cholesterol.}

Aha, you spent time in the U.S. What part?

Tall Gary said...

Oh, I see. カロリー50%カット might be something like “50% reduced calories.” And going by the katakana コレステロール it would be natural to make cholesterol into cholestrole. So those were actually good choices of yours, Kaori.

Kaori said...


I think the baby brand mayonnaise with the yellow striped bag on the very top row is the mustard mayonnaise :)


Thanks for the comments! I noticed the mistakes too and was too lazy to do anything about it. 2nd paragraph 2nd line, I was probably (at the time) going for 'much variety'...what do you think?

Tall Gary said...

I missed that からしマヨネーズ (karashi often being used for mustard


“So much variety,” sounds good.

henny said...

Kaori, thanks for taking time answering my q. I know you are very busy, but it's nice you post new photos regularly everyday. You give an impression about a "sizuka" (spelling?) place you live in despite the fact it's not far from Tokyo. Yoroushiku.

Gary, thanks so much for the info. I'm really happy if I come across something that I may consume. I found a sourceful website about halal food in Japan, too. Just photograph it using my cellphone then go gorceries shopping.

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