April 27, 2009

Naro Clothing

Naro is a specialty store that sells american brand clothes. The store has a western feel to it. Most of the clothes there are for men, but I love their flannel shirts. You can never have too many.

They also have cute native american accessories and bags, too.


henny said...

An interesting way of promoting a store.

Tall Gary said...

For comfort, I love long-sleeve cotton shirts. But I had a wool plaid shirt I wore for about a decade.

As for design, I’m a bit partial to the Sunsurf Bamboo Hawaiian shirts. As second or third choice the Fireworks or Falcon & Aloha Moon Sunsurf Hawaiian shirts are in the running. Oh, I see two of those three are out of stock. Well, there goes my plan for a shopping trip from California to Tokorozawa. :)

Hilda said...

I can do without generic American clothing, but the native American accessories sound like my kind of thing!

But what is that display doing in the middle of the road? ;)

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