April 5, 2009

New Yakumo Shrine

The Yakumo Shrine when through a renovation this winter.
(Old Yakumo Shrine)

Actually you can't really see it because I took the picture in the dark. But I like this picture because of the moon in the corner. Can you see it?

One of my friends told me that the old Yakumo Shrine looked like it could be in a horror movie like Juon. Well, I found out that Tokorozawa was actually one of the places they taped the movie.

Exciting but creepy.


Tall Gary said...
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Tall Gary said...
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Tall Gary said...

It looks like it was once standing alone way out in the middle of a broad rice paddy or other field.

Hmm. If there is a little spring at the shrine we could call the shrine Lafcadio Hearn. You know—Yakumo Koizumi (小泉八雲)。

Is that a motion sensor light that only goes on when someone comes close? I like the way in your photo that the ray from the light reaches out to touch your moon. Do you know how when we have a full moon the moon looks so big? Yet, if you hold a five-yen coin at arm’s length the entire full moon will fit in the hole in the center of the coin.

“Juon” looks like a really scary movie. I don’t think I could watch it. Brrr.

Speaking of grudges, do you know what the movie reminds me of though? I recently got a reprint of a 1917 English translation of “Yotsuya Kaidan.” Nearly a couple decades ago, after a school party some students guided some of us teachers around Yoysuya to different spots connected with that macabre story. There is some kind of shrine we visited not so far from Yotsuya San-chome subway station. The shrine is dedicated to O’Iwa-sama, the victim of the story.

We then found an old execution ground that then had, among other regular buildings, a coin laundry on the site. I’d be afraid that when I took the damp clothes out of the washer they would all be blood red.

P.S. Did you mean to say that the shrine went through a renovation? Or was rebuilt?

Tall Gary said...

Here is a link in case someone might be interested in English information about Yotsuya Kaidan.

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