April 15, 2009

Last Sakura

This is a crazy cherry tree, leaning over to the side. Sort of looks like the wind is blowing it.

I think the cherry blossom season is pretty much over. We still see some, but the leaves are really taking over the trees. Well, cherry blossoms are of course pretty as can be, but I don't mind the lush green leaves either.


henny said...

This is a nice POV, Kaori. Did you rotate it or something? And for the crazy tree, I don't mind have one leaning over in front of my flat. Cherry blossom season is over but what I like the most when the small leaves start to show, it gives quite an awesome composition to the tree. Is this your neighborhood?

Tall Gary said...

Your crazy tree looks like a miniature cherry blossom tunnel completely covering the roadway for a short (very short!) distance.

If you crave a final hanami experience there is this place. There are so many different varieties of cherry trees that there are many that bloom later than usual. I remember how surprised I was when I first went there. I had thought cherry-blossom-viewing season was over. It wasn’t. Not there.

As you can see in the link it is a ten-minute walk from the North Exit of Takao Station on the Chuo Line. It takes less than an hour from Tokorozawa, as you can see here.

Kaori said...

Henny, all I did was look up...I think the tree did all the rotating for me. And yes, this is part of my neighborhood :)

Gary, it is like an arch, I like it too. You're right, the cherry blossoms haven't even started to bloom in northern Japan so the season is far from over...but things are definately greener in Tokorozawa nowadays.

Tall Gary said...

An arch! Of course you found the perfect word, Kaori. What was I thinking of with that “tunnel” stuff. I guess I always think of ICU at this time of year.

henny said...

Gary, I clicked the 'ICU' and it's forbidden.
Kaori, I'm gonna find the tree that would like to rotate for me :).

Tall Gary said...

Thanks for letting me know, Henny. That was the best example I could find.

Let’s try this one.

Or this one.


At least one of these should work, huh?

I wanted to come back here anyway to agree with Kaori about the fresh green leaves after the cherry blossoms have passed. That, too, is a wonderful time. But then every time can be wonderful in its way: summer, autumn, winter, spring again. They all have there own magical charm at times. Maybe the best time is always NOW.

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