April 24, 2009

The Vine

This whole stone wall is covered with vines.

I don't know it this was done intentionally or not, but it's a lovely design. Wonder how long it takes to actually get it like this.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful.

Tall Gary said...

Again, you have photographed an attractive natural pattern.

Sometimes ivy like that can grow quite rapidly. For example, the other day I parked my white car in front of a wall just like the one in your photo, Kaori, and a few minutes later this is what it looked like when I returned.

Just joking.

Sometimes the ivy can become too heavy for the little sucker things that hold the ivy to the wall and then the ivy can peel away in a thick sheet. That doesn’t happen too often though.

There is a newish museum in Paris, The Quai Branley Museum, that has a wall that looks like this.

Here is an interesting German site (in English and German) about Japanese Ivy. Clicking on the top right “Climbing Plants—Summary” is interesting.

Tall Gary said...

Come to think about it, maybe those layers of vine I sometimes see separated from walls around here are pulled down by kids, delinquents, or something like climbing raccoons.

Hmm. too bad those aren’t grapes. You could make your own wine. What would it be red or white?

Tall Gary said...

The top photo might make a nice post card or note card.

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