April 22, 2009

Yards and Yards

I love browsing around at the fabric stores. Iseki is a shop located along the Prope Street. It's part fabric store, part kimono store, with a bit of interior thrown in.

I tend to go here a lot because they have a large selection of Hawaiian print fabric. But they really have everything, from satin to tulle to hello kitty buttons. It's a great place.


Tall Gary said...

Wow, even more pretty colors than yesterday. Maybe I like the material in the middle photo best. It is interesting that the bottom two on the left have the same pattern but different background colors. Those two bolts of turquoise and dark pink in the middle almost put me to sleep. At first I couldn’t imagine them being used for anything but pajamas. Now, however, I think the cloth might make a nice summer yukata. Something to begin thinking about as the weather gets warmer.

So, Kaori, do you think we will ever see any hula photos here?

nobu said...

I like those colourful photos.

By the way, when I read this article, I wondered what is "prope".
And I've just googled it.
"prope" comes from propeller of airplane.
It is very interesting.

Tall Gary said...

And why propeller? I wondered. Wikipedia says, “Tokorozawa is known as ‘The birthplace of Japanese aviation.’ It was the site of the first airfield in Japan, opened in 1911, and the Tokorozawa Aviation Museum is located in a large park that occupies a portion of the former airfield grounds.”

Kaori said...

Nobu, I had no idea! I know Tokorozawa is known for aviation, but didn't think Prope Dori had anything to do with that. Actually thought it might be an Italian word! This is great information, thank you. I really like how Japanese people play with words.

Gary, yup there is a museum at the park called Tokorozawa Koku Kinen Koen (we call it Koku Koen). There's a few old planes displayed around the park and Koku Koen Station too :)

Anonymous said...

I love Iseki too! The staff are nice. Much better than Yuzawaya.

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