May 30, 2009

The Body Shop

There was this little girl playing hide and seek...not from me, obviously, but someone at The Body Shop. So I ended up taking a picture of the whole store.

I was in love with their Vanilla series but no so much with the Fruity series. This is our only Body Shop in Tokorozawa. It's in the Parco at Shin Tokorozawa Station.

I discovered a great store this past holiday season: The Body Shop. Oh my God, that is the perfect last minute thoughtless gift warehouse. -Todd Barry

You really can't deny this. Funny guy.


Tall Gary said...

She’s got on one of the coolest looking randoserus I’ve ever seen. Cool because it doesn’t seem to be a randoseru.

Tall Gary said...

Wait a minute. She’s hiding but her hand is reaching out and grabbing an item. You don’t think she’s shoplifting, do you?

henny said...

OmG, it's like you read my mind. The only time I saw The Body Shop was when in Osaka. I didn't buy anything which I regret it so much because I thought I could find it in Hiroshima but until now haven't managed to see one. And my favorite scent is? Vanilla :). Happy weekend, Kaori.

Kaori said...

Gary, wow I didn't notice that! But she went in the store to talk to the staff, so maybe (hopefully) not?

Henny, vanilla is my favorite too! You know, I looked up the stores and I think they have The Body Shop in downtown Hiroshima, both the Sogo and Parco! Hope you can find it :)

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