May 13, 2009

Ready For Rain

It seems like it's going to rain today. The clouds are moving in. I'm hope it doesn't rain until I'm home.

But I'm sure the plants are happy.


Tall Gary said...

Love those azalea colors.

The composition of the image looks well balanced.

Did you make it home OK? I hope you didn’t leave puddles all over the house with your feet even after leaving your drenched shoes at the entranceway. No, I can’t see any reason for the sky to cry huge raindrops until after you arrived home safe and dry.

brattcat said...

This is such a lovely photograph, beautifully composed, like a quiet painting.

Kaori said...

Gary, I did make it home okay! It only rained during the night and was bright again in the morning :)

Brattcat, thanks for the comment! I like how the colors stand out agains the white wall :)

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