May 27, 2009

Koku Koen Station

On the platform of Koku Koen station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line. They have flowers on the platform fence. They also have small benches to sit on while you wait for the train, like this girl is doing.

Seibu Railway used this spot for their promotional poster this month (see below). I think they're trying to make the station more friendly by putting plants in and around the Seibu Line stations. Great idea.


henny said...

I love her pose surrounded by flowers and you caught her just in time. Saijo station is very dull, no flower at all :(. They recently have removed sake barrels from its place, makes the station looks like just a plain platform. Oh, I'll stop ranting :). It's indeed a great idea to color the station with leaves and flowers. Hey, you took the first image right in the same spot as this poster above :). Isn't it?

Tall Gary said...

It looks like a friendly and comfortable place to be; and it helps with CO2 capture also, doesn’t it?

I love it. But I keep wondering about maintenance. Do they have to water everything by hand? Or do they use a self-timing drip-irrigation system? Are there gardeners going from one station to another after hours to do trimming, clean up, and dealing with plant problems like aphids, mealy bugs, mildew, etc.? Or do the workers at each station have more job tasks?

Seibu doesn’t mind the added expense because it is both good publicity and good for its passengers, and makes for excellent photos at a certain Tokorozawa Daily Photo blog?

Kaori said...

Henny, I think it probably is the same place as the poster :)

Gary, I'll have to ask but I'm guessing it's the staff at the station who waters the plants. And yes, it is a great spot for photos :)

Ayie said...

nice idea to have flowers and beautify the station, seats are also needed for long waits.

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