May 18, 2009

Reflecting On Clouds

A great day to watch the clouds roll across the sky. I miss those lazy afternoons just laying around the field and trying to figure out what the clouds above are shaping into. I usually saw clouds that looked like animals.

But I guess I'll have to be satisfied with seeing the clouds on the windows of the Seibu Group building on my way to the station.

What do the clouds in your city look like?


yudikris said...

Great colors and shot! This is very nice blog! Dai Nihon! Nice to see and read this blog!


henny said...

Its shapes depend on my mood :).

Tall Gary said...

Do you know this Joni Mitchell song?

{lyrics are under (more info) if clicked up over on the right}

I once was confused walking in Tokyo. I looked up and saw a rather large hole in the skyline of buildings. It didn’t look possible. But I soon realized that it was just clouds and bright blue sky reflected on a building much like the one you are showing us here.

Kaori said...

yudikris, thanks for the comment, I'm glad you like it :)

henny, yeah you've got me there, I guess they do change with the mood :)

gary, these buildings with mirror-like windows have been popular for a while now. But since Tokorozawa is a small city we don't have as many. Where were you when you saw the 'hole'?

Tall Gary said...

Hi Kaori,

You know, it was soon after I first went to Japan to live, which is more than two decades ago so I am a bit hazy as to where the exact location was. However, I’m sure it was somewhere in central Tokyo, within the Yamanote Line.

I did find this image of My Lord in Shinjuku.

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