May 8, 2009

Small Plants Are In

Everyone loves plants by the windowsill. Including me.

The other day I was looking for Pachira, a common yet popular indoor plant to have in Japan. I'm thinking about buying this small one I found at one of the shops in the station building, Beaux-Arts. They have a wide variety of small indoor plants and I can't quite make up my mind. Hmm...


Tall Gary said...

Gosh. I knew nothing about those “money trees.”

I would offer one word of advice: fertilizer. Whatever houseplant you decide on might be happiest over time if it received some plant food. There are different varieties. I found one of the the easiest to be a liquid fertilizer that you can add to the watering can when the plant is thirsty.

Maybe Seiyu with have something in front of the store. Isn’t this the time of year when they have plants and stuff out front?

Anyway, good luck. I hope you find one you are mutually compatible with.

Hmm. How about a bonsai? Or a redwood.

Coşkun said...

Hi Kaori,
Thanks for sharing nice photos. You like to shot nature photo, I follow you. Anyway I did not see any soil in the flowerpot, there is only balls overthere?

Kaori said...

Gary, yes I definately need to get fertilizer. I'll look for the liquid kind next time I shop. Thanks for the advice! (Don't think I have the patience to handle a bosai yet...)

Coşkun, thanks for the comment! I'm really glad you like the photos. And yes, there is no soil in the pot, only special pebbles called 'hydroballs.' Hydroculture has become very popular because you don't have to worry about insects and it's easy to tell when to water it.

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